Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Intern Spotlight!

Jacob Cohen

Jacob is a senior at Franklin University studying Marketing. At Walker Marketing and Consulting, Jacob is gaining experience in the field handling contracts and negotiations with our clients. After merely two weeks of working at WM&C, he was promoted to a leadership position which will give him opportunities to interview and train prospective employees. 

"I started interning at Walker Marketing and Consulting 4 weeks ago. In that time I have become a rather successful intern and was even ranked #1 salesman in the country my second week on the job.
The things that have allowed me to be so successful is coming in everyday with a positive attitude and always keeping my end goals in mind so that I know what I'm working toward.
This internship has taught me that you get what you work hard for and that motivates me to put my best foot forward each day."

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Do's and Don'ts of Resumes

Here at WM&C, we are looking to expand our office. In order to do this, we must first expand our team. Each day, we look through hundreds of resumes to bring in prospective employees. So, what are we looking for in a resume? How can you make your resume stand out from the hundreds of other applicants?

- Pay attention to the layout of your resume. The layout determines the first impression an employer will have of you. Make sure your resume is structured and appealing to the eye. Keep the page symmetrical rather than having all of your information off to the side. This could look like having the dates you worked that job or where that job was located aligned on the right side of the page. Make sure your name stands out and add headings to better organize your job experiences.

- List the most relevant experience at the top of the page. This is the first thing the employer reads. If what they are looking for in an employee is not found within the first few lines of the resume, they will often move onto the next one. Keep in mind that employers are looking through hundreds of resumes and do not have time to spend several minutes reading through the details of yours. If you catch their eye initially, then they will spend the time to read through the details of your resume. This may require you to edit your resume to cater to the different jobs you are applying for. Always have one standard resume, and build off of it or adjust it to fit the specific jobs you are applying for.

- Explain in detail the tasks and responsibilities you completed at each job. Employers like to have an idea of what you are familiar with and what they may need to train you on for their position.

- Find the happy medium between bullet points and paragraphs. While you should avoid having a list of bullet points, long paragraphs are also undesirable. Try to keep a consistent number of bullet points per experience listed (for example, one job description should not have five bullet points while another only has two). Seek quality not quantity with your bullet points.

- Be concise in your descriptions. Employers only spend about two minutes per resume, so they do not have time to read through long descriptions.

- Underline, bold, and italicize key words, phrases, or headings. Use these to emphasize areas you want to draw the employers attention to. Choose important words or ideas that will exhibit the appealing qualifications and characteristics you have to offer.

- Have any spelling or grammar errors! Check and double check and have a friend check. Employers do not want to hire you if you appear illiterate or it seems like you put very little effort into creating your resume.

- Have your resume exceed 1 page. Unless you are applying for upper level management or advanced positions, your resume should be limited to the most important experiences and skills. Cut out jobs that were held 15+ years ago and make sure all information is relevant.

- List anything on your resume that you can't explain in an interview. For each bullet point as yourself "How will this show my qualifications for the job I am applying for?" And, "If they ask me about this specific point in the interview, what will I say?"

- Have crazy or mismatching fonts or use different colored lettering.

- List salary/pay under any of the jobs.

- List education if you have been graduated at least five years. The further out of school you are, the less employers care about school and the more they care about jobs held since then.

- Have a long objective statement. Objective statements should be limited to 1-2 sentences.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Intern Spotlight!

Meet Tracey! Tracey is one of our interns here at WM&C. She is a junior at The Ohio State University studying Marketing. Her hobbies include travelling, spending time with friends and family, and anything involving animals- especially horses.

Here at WM&C, Tracey is gaining experience in the field as well as assisting in the office. While in the field, Tracey works to build relationships and establish new customers as well as working to renew current clients. Tracey also has been working to enhance our social media presence as well as recruit new employees for the company. She even took on the project of redesigning our website to better inform viewers of our company values and goals.

Tracey's favorite aspect of WM&C is the people she works with. She loves how close everyone is and that they always have a great time while still being productive at work. The company has given her a lot of opportunities to utilize what she is learning at Ohio State which has been a great experience for her.